Welcome from Head Of School

Welcome from the Secondary Dean of Students

Greeting parents and students,

I’m proud to serve as the Secondary Dean of Students at Global Jaya School. At Global Jaya, we have been closely following evolutions in brain science in order to understand how best to support all of our students as they strive for success. The following principles form the foundation of the way in which we support all of our students.

We understand that learner variability is the norm - we plan for this from the very beginning.
We recognise that any student, at any time, might experience a barrier to learning. It is our job as a school to ensure that there are people, systems, and structures in place that ensure we identify students who may be experiencing barriers, so we can work collaboratively to remove or minimize those barriers to learning for each individual student.
We believe in working in partnership with parents knowing that our efforts will be more impactful when parents and school collaborate to support student success.
We are convinced that diversity is a strength that needs to be identified, acknowledged, celebrated, and nurtured.
We know that before children can be academically successful they need to have a good level of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Our Student Success Team consists of a team of people with specific roles that support student success:

  • Heads of Year
  • Programme Coordinators
  • Advisory teachers
  • Learning diversity specialists
  • Social emotional counsellors
  • University counsellor
  • Child protection team
  • Dean of Students

We encourage you to get in touch with any questions you might have about how our team works closely together to support the success of all Secondary students.

Vicki Gardner
Dean of Students

Our address :

Global Jaya School
Emerald Boulevard
Bintaro Jaya Sektor IX
Tangerang 15224 Indonesia
Tel: (62 21) 745 7562
Whatsapp: 0811 1202 3761
Email : ask@globaljaya.com