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Welcome from DP Coordinator

Dear parents, students, and Global Jaya School community,

At Global Jaya School, the Diploma Programme (DP) provides a challenging, internationally focused, broad, and balanced educational experience for students aged 16-19. Students are required to study six subjects over two years while also fulfilling additional programmatic requirements. The Diploma Programme is designed to equip students with the academic skills and understanding needed for university study, further education, and their chosen profession and passion once they leave the educational setting.

Of the six concurrent subjects that students study, they include two languages, a subject from Individuals and Societies, one science, one mathematics subject, and one subject from the arts or another from the other groups. Furthermore, a pre-university education must equip students with the depth of discipline-specific knowledge and skills they will need to follow their chosen university course and use later in their professional lives. Thus, specialization is encouraged in the DP by expecting students to study three subjects at the higher levels (HL), which is balanced by expecting students to study three more subjects at the standard level (SL).

Besides the six subjects that DP students take, they are also required to complete the three core elements of the Diploma Programme: Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge(TOK), and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS). The three elements of the core should be grounded in three coherent aims:
To support and be supported by the academic disciplines.
To foster international-mindedness.
To develop self-awareness and a sense of identity.
Here is the link to a Google site that outlines the core components of TOK, CAS, and EE at the school. To get the further information here is the link to the diploma handbook for the students and parents.

Finally, at Global Jaya School, our excellent faculty and dedicated school leaders ensure that our students successfully navigate the rigors of the DP, and our DP exam scores, which are consistently above the world average, along with our successful university placement, illustrate this commitment to our students. We encourage you to visit our school to learn more about the DP and the wonderful opportunities awaiting your children.

Pak Ram Pandey
DP Coordinator

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