At Global Jaya School, students are encouraged to pursue their passions in one or more artistic, athletic, academic, or service-oriented directions. Supported by a diverse, talented and experienced group of educators, Global Jaya students are encouraged to experiment, identify and select their areas of interest in a supportive space where risk-taking is actively encouraged.

Specifically in the area of arts, starting with our Early Years, students sing, manipulate art materials, and perform on stage, thus developing an awareness and appreciation of the skills. Through age and developmentally-appropriate PYP and MYP classes, through to the IB Diploma, our students take starring roles at centre stage.

Our Athletics programs provide students with various physical activities, from organised training in multiple sports to friendly and league-level competition. All students are afforded physical, mental and emotional development opportunities through sporting experiences that enhance and reinforce their abilities as supportive, collaborative, principled team members and leaders. From the younger years, where an emphasis is placed upon skill development, understanding of rules, and positional awareness, to the middle years, where individual and team play, skill refinement and introduction to strategy, to finally, the varsity level focus, where the focus is on strategy and competition, GJS athletes are prepared. Through our developmental approach to athletics, we seek to help students increase their self-esteem and confidence while developing their personal skill levels and reinforcing the values of good sportsmanship and healthy competition.

Action, Service as Action(SA) and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) form the basis for our school-wide focus on student engagement, problem-solving, and solutions-driven actions that benefit local, national and international communities. Whether through student-initiated engagements, Class Camps and trips or through our annual Week Without Walls experiences, Global Jaya School students are encouraged to extend their education beyond the classroom, including socially responsible attitudes and thoughtful and appropriate actions that have a wide-reaching social impact.

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