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Athletics Program Philosophy
The Global Jaya Athletics Philosophy is one that promotes healthy competition while developing a strong passion for sports. Through this, we look to help develop young leaders that can use the skills they develop in competitive sport throughout their lives. Although competition and winning are important to the students, we are concerned with developing the student as a whole and using this experience to continue their own social and emotional personal growth.

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The Athletics Program
The program runs through the entire school (K-12) while promoting the values and mission of GJS. As students move through the grade levels of the school the sports program gears itself towards more competitive teams, with students eventually playing in the Varsity JAAC Tournaments.

Primary School
The Primary School Program is designed to foster a love of the sport and encourage as many students to participate as possible. The Primary program is an inclusive program which means all students, no matter what their ability level is, will make it on a team and participate in the different, friendly competitions over the sports seasons. The school competes in the JAAC sports competitions at this age group.

Middle School
The middle school program is designed to start developing specific skills for student-athletes to be successful in the high school sports program. Again students at this age will make it on teams, no matter ability, but training will start focusing on specific skills for teams to be successful. The school competes in both the JAAC and JAMISSA sports competitions at this age group.

High School
The high school program is designed to bring together the skills of all student-athletes into competitive teams that strive to play hard and play to win. The Varsity programs take our top athletes to compete for the JAAC banner in each sport. Whereas our Junior Varisty program develops players just bellow the Varsity level to be our next Varsity stars, this program plays between a mix of JAAC schools and local schools.

The sports we compete in as a school, from K-12 are as follows:
Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Touch Rugby, T-Ball (Primary School) Softball/Baseball (Middle/High School), Swimming, Track and Field.

Schools We Compete Against`

JIS (Varsity Only)
BSJ (Varsity Only)
UPH (Varsity Only)

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