Student Achievements

Aimee Maryam Dykalaksmi - 1A

Indonesia Ice Skating Open 2018
8-9 February 2018 at
BxC Ice Rink

First Place: Group category
Second Place: Solo category


Billie Jeanette Kusuma - 4B

Indonesia Ice Skating Open/IISO 2018 at Bxrink,  9-10 February. 1st place for Surprise Gamma, Solo Comp Gamma, Spot Character Gamma and Team Comp 1. 2nd place for Jump and Spin Low 4th place for Gamma 9-10 years.


Ayeesha Humaira Latief

Indonesia Ice Skating Open (IISO) 2018 - 9 February 2018, Silver Medal for Pre Alpha  Bronze Medal for Solo Competition Pre Alpha.