Creativity, Activity, Service

CAS is a central component of the Diploma Programme that consists of rich experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom setting.  Through CAS, our students learn to propose, plan, implement and reflect upon projects in three broad areas:

  • Creativity: activities that involve artistic and creative thinking.
  • Activity: activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and that challenge them physically.
  • Service: activities that contribute to their community and society.

Its aims are to develop students who are:

  • reflective thinkers,
  • willing to accept new challenges and new roles,
  • aware of themselves as member of the communities with responsibilities towards each other and the environment,
  • active participants in sustained and collaborative projects; and
  • to be balanced between their intellectual, physical, creative and emotional experiences.

We are very proud of the Global Jaya CAS programme.  Amongst our students’ many successful projects we have GJS Flea Market for local community, Charity Concert with ISDI (Ikatan Down Syndrome Indonesia), the Bekantan Twins Project and a Library Project which have helped our students to grow and develop their sense of responsibility and to become caring global citizens.