Student Exchanges

Here at Global Jaya School, many students have enjoyed school excursions to countries in Asia and Europe and most recently attending the National History Day Finals in Washington D.C.  

Enriching students experiences abroad and locally is one of our goals at GJS.  The evidence of living and experiencing life in another culture or area within your own country can have a lifelong impact.  Students at GJS often return from trips abroad with new perspectives and appreciation for the country visited.  We frequently couple the trips with homestays.  A homestay experience can bridge cultures, allowing our students to develop an appreciation for other cultures and help develop tolerance in their communities.  We believe “Education is the tool to peace”, quoted from Nobel Prize winners such as, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and the Dalai Lama.

Global Jaya School has established sister school relationships with Southville International School and Colleges in Manila, Philippines and Kilvington Grammar School located in Melbourne, Australia. These cultural exchanges have proven to be a highlight for both students and supervising teachers.  The people we meet from around the world are quick to comment about our talented and well-mannered students.  

Besides student exchanges, GJS also offer experiences within clubs such as Model United Nations and the National History Day programme.  Annually, senior students attend the MUN conferences in Hong Kong and Qatar.  National History Day ( provides wonderful opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and refine their leadership skills among other international schools students’ from around the world.

We have recently begun exchanges to Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Azerbaijan.  These countries and communities of Europe are developing an increased appreciation for Indonesian culture because of our exchange programmes.  Our students return with a wealth of knowledge and first hand experiences from the tours.  We are committed to providing education outside the classroom, both in Indonesia and abroad.