Pak Gadjahmada, parent of Rizka (2015) and Rizki(2016)

If I am asked to give a testimony, as a parent whose children went to school at Global Jaya, “What is good from the school?” then I will answer, “One of them is the existence of SSS – Student Support Services." Here’s the thing, if our children are in an international school, most of our educational goal is to go to university outside of Indonesia. The problem is there are so many universities to choose and each have its own admission schedule and different ways of applying. Inviting representatives from distinguished universities to hold exhibition and presentation for the students is really important. SSS helps to facilitate this. SSS also gives mentoring to students in preparing essay, personal statement, etc as one of the requirements so that students will be able to be accepted by the university. This is also a very competitive thing beside the IB Final Score as the main requirement. It is not easy preparing an essay, if not being used to and given proper training. SSS monitors the submission schedule of each university based on their major. Beforehand parents were also given seminar regarding university options and the consequences (fee, time, location, opportunity to be accepted, etc). After that the counselor also provide time for individual counseling with the students and their parents, of course with appointment. These past few years SSS also hold university visit/trip during holiday/term break for students starting from year 9. This is of course not free, but really good to give the students preliminary orientation before choosing their desirable university, while filling time with something beneficial. This is also interesting which is involving alumni to talk in front of their juniors. I experienced myself how valuable the existence of Global Jaya alumni at the same universities as my children. At least there will be someone who is willing to answer some basic preparation questions before my children start in the university. This is not advertorial. I need to tell you all of this because based on my experience meeting with other parents whose children are in international school (IB or A level), it turned out not all school provide such free service such this. This made the parents had to find information to education consultant to help with the upcoming study. There is no fault in asking for help from the education consultation when needed. I just feel that it will be more comprehensive if it is done by the school, which Global Jaya has been doing for years.

Ibu Linda Thohir, Parent of Gabby (2015), Ghe (2015) and Gamma (2018)

GJS has been our partner in educating all three of our children. The faculty members have been attentive and supportive toward them throughout their years in GJS, helping them to achieve their very best. As a result our children have become active members of GJS’s close-knit community and have demonstrated strong leadership abilities and perseverance. I would like to thank GJS for the opportunities they have given my children, as a parent I could not have been happier with the education they have provided.

Ibu Dewi Yahya, parent of Adjani (Year 8) and Alano (Year 3)

It is of utmost importance personally for us that Global Jaya School put great emphasis on teaching Bahasa Indonesia for our children to appreciate and recognize the diversity of religion and the rich culture in Indonesia are undoubtedly critical in building and developing their generation's characters.
We also commend the school's holistic approach towards education by recognizing the equal importance of youth sport, music and art by continuously upgrading its facilities for the students to pursue their interest beyond academic excellence. We have enjoyed many art and music performances at the state-of-the art theatre and outside on the field student athletes have thrived at many sport events. There is clearly a very good and positive vibe around the school so that the students like to stay at school even beyond school hours.
All this is made possible through the close-knit working partnership between the school, its board members, parents and teachers under the PTA who all share the same vision as reflected in the school’s vision and mission.

Ibu Melvy Burhanudin, parent of Arif (Year 7) and Annisa (Year 3)
We are happy and proud parents of Muhammad Mahendra Arifkusumah and Annisa Mahirakirana, both are the year 9 and year 3 students of Global Jaya School.
Aside from the school’s outstanding facilities and physical infrastructures, Global Jaya is a professionally managed school with teachers who care about their students.
It is a school where children come and feel loved and safe.
My husband and I love the close attention paid to the individual needs, strengths and areas of challenge of their students, with focus not only on their academic excellence but also on their emotional, self-esteem, creativity and social development necessary to make them grow as a balanced person who cares about their surroundings.
I must take time out to express my sincere gratitude to all teachers, administration and supporting staffs of Global Jaya School for enhancing our life and the life of our son and daughter.

Vera Febrina and Mulya Mashudi, parents of Roofi 6 A and Fattaah 12 E
Year 2014 - 2015

For the past nine years, we are proud to have our two sons as Global Jaya School students.   The school has an excellent “International Baccalaureate Program (IB Program)” that has strengthened our sons’ interest in research, and taught them to be critical thinkers and knowledgeable persons. The curriculum educates our sons to understand the material, rather than just allowing them to rely on pure memorization for tests.   It is also an academically challenging program that prepares them to be successful in university by giving college style classes, assignments, workload, research papers, and professional presentation skills. The coursework drives them to develop strengths in analysis, writing, presentation, motivation, work habits, organization and time management.
Global Jaya School has an excellent system called “ManageBac”.  ManageBac is an organized system for students to see the schedule, upload the assignments, the academic results, and get feedback from teachers. The system drives the students to be good in time management, and they can evaluate themselves through teachers’ feedback.  Also it is a very good system for parents to see each subject plan, the schedule of year level courses, the progress of our sons, attendance, academic reports, and feedback from teachers. We are very satisfied with the ManageBac system.  

Global Jaya School has qualified, dedicated, and caring teachers, who develop our sons to be process oriented, critical thinkers, knowledgeable, with excellent communication and presentation skills, out-of-the-box thinkers, open minded, caring, risk takers, principled, balanced, and reflective. Global Jaya School also has excellent university counselors, who evaluate students’ competencies before they are applying to university, and help students to be ready to enter to university.
As parents, we are very satisfied with Global Jaya School’s quality of education and services as the best school for our sons.


DoughartyAndy Dougharty
Middle School Principal, Teacher and Parent

I have been at Global Jaya since 1999, longer than any other
expatriate teacher. I started as a music teacher, became Head of Department and am now the Middle School Principal. Three of my children are members of the GJS community. Two of them graduated last year and my youngest daughter is currently in Year 9. One of things I have always found interesting is what our expat teachers say about the school. You have to realize that they come from all over the world and have taught in many different countries, but they all talk about how wonderful GJS is. The students are hardworking and well behaved. The parents are involved and understanding. The Yayasan is supportive and has respect for their expertise. The facilities and commitment to providing the best for the school community is realistic and evident throughout the school. In all my years, I can honestly say I have never heard another expat teacher say they had worked somewhere better. I know I haven’t.

reginaRegina Anindya Tantri, M.Psy., Psychologist
Head of Student Support Services Department

I have been working with the school as the Secondary School Counselor for the last six years. I’m also an IB Diploma Psychology teacher and Model United Nations Advisor. This is my first year as the Head of Student Support  Services in Secondary School. With everything I have experienced in the school, I will say that Global Jaya is a land of opportunities. No matter how cheesy that might sound, working here has been a privilege. This is a school that is willing to invest in its teachers and staff; providing us with support and opportunities to develop ourselves in many different areas. The learning-teaching environment is very conducive; students are well behaved and eager to participate in the learning process. Working relationships between colleagues (either with expat or fellow Indonesians) are also engaging and comforting, making Global Jaya not only a place where you will have excellent colleagues to work with, but also friends and families to have for a lifetime.

yolandaYolanda Bridges
Primary Teacher

Walking in for my interview, I was immediately struck by the vast amount of green space and the thought of how wonderful it must be for students to learn and play in such well maintained facilities. Now part of the team, what I also admire is the ease at which new students transition into GJS. This serves as a testament to the openness of GJS students and their enthusiasm to make new friends. It is clear that GJS has successfully established a strong feeling of community amongst its students, parents and teachers, making GJS a positive, supportive environment for all.

 karenKaren Rudian
Primary Teacher

As a new teacher at Global Jaya, I have been delighted by the support I have received, not only by the school's leadership and colleagues, but also by the school's support staff. The school has a strong commitment to providing its teachers with ongoing professional development. Within the first semester, I not only attended an IB in-school workshop, the Dunia Conference and various in-house sessions on PYP methodology, but also dedicated sessions on IT which help teachers not only develop their IT skills but help us stay connected to the students we teach. The support at Global Jaya is not just limited to teachers but also extends to new students who attend induction sessions hosted by the school's counsellor. This was of great value to my son, who moved with me after attending the same school for 4 years. This helped to provide a smooth transition.


hanifKemas Muhammad Arradhin - Year 7

In my many years at Global Jaya School I’ve noticed many things that make this school special. It may be the smallest, most insignificant things such as placement of water fountains, or building layout. But the most important thing that I found in this school and in no other is the kindness and cordiality of the community. At GJS you can be comfortable with every teacher. This is what made the education at GJS special; it feels like a private lesson but with your friends because the teachers know you that well. It works the other way around too. Even if there is bullying going on, you can talk to any teacher and they will help to find the best solution for you. In Secondary School, there is a programme called POSSSE, which stands for Positive, Safe, Supportive, School Environment. This program helps make kids feel comfortable learning at GJS. So what makes Global Jaya School special? Maybe it’s the kind and warmth of the community? Or maybe it’s the sincerity of the teachers? Perhaps it’s the tolerance of the students? In my opinion, it’s all of these things. These many things make learning at GJS an enjoyable experience. So that is my opinion on what is special about Global Jaya School. Because we’re not just a school, we’re a community.


 AaryaAarya Sinha – Year 10

Being a fairly new student in Global Jaya, I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a warm welcome from the school’s community. I think the facilities, environment and the resources here are unbelievable and invaluable for all the students. I have discovered so much about my talents, abilities and interests through the variety of programs offered here at Global Jaya. The school provides a positive outlook in academics and makes every effort to be inclusive. There is a good variation of sports, academic and after-school clubs provided for the benefit of the students. Overall, the school, staff and students, have made me feel very comfortable and supported.

KharismaKharisma Pratama - Year 11

My name is Kharisma and I am currently in Year 11. I have been in Global Jaya for only two years now, but I can definitely say without a doubt that the place that I thought of as just a school, is now my home and family that I am grateful to have in my life. With a breathtaking campus, highly trusted curriculum, multiple extracurriculars and with such kind and open minded people, Global Jaya offers everything a student needs to truly develop as individuals. Since Global Jaya School is an IB world school, it strives to bring the best in every student's capabilities, completing the spectrum from the sports, academics and the arts. Although surely demanding, the curriculum never fails to prepare the students for what is next to come, and therefore without exception reassures success in every student's future.


 KeziaKezia Maria Putrali – Year 12

I moved to Global Jaya back in Reception when I was five years old. Although there have been many changes towards both the buildings and school body, the school’s environment and greenery appeals to me the most. Being exposed to green sceneries on a daily basis always offers a refreshing sense of relief. Starting in Primary School, I experienced expansions not only in my knowledge and understanding but also various practical skills such as starting a business for PYP exhibition back in Year 6. Moving on to Secondary School, I further explored my passion through the opportunities that were offered. With the support of my Art teacher, I studied fashion design and designed a piece of clothing for a fashion show during the arts festival. Finally, enterring the IB Diploma Programme was definitely very tough and challenging. Multiple adjustments had to be made as a transition from the Middle Years Programme. I personally found it very overwhelming at first, but it let led me to push my limits and manage my time to overcome the rigorous course. Most importantly, I am really thankful for my supportive teachers who guide me throughout the past two years. As a curious learner, I am thankful for the Global Jaya teachers who are always willing to answer my questions and support me whenever I am lost. Global Jaya has opened up many doors towards bright opportunities for my future which I am very thankful of.


natyaNatya Dharmosetio – DP Graduate, Class of 2014

Without Global Jaya, I could not have been the person I am today nor could I be where I am now. Currently studying architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, USA, Global Jaya has given me plenty of knowledge to be a well-balanced and open-minded person thro ugh the many non-academically related activities I joined. As how a good and ideal school would operate, Global Jaya, however, is more than just a place that educates facts and numbers. Indeed, the competent teachers and staff at school prepared me to excel academically in university through the rigorous preparation I went through in the IB Diploma Program, but the whole close-knit community supports each other in their own fields of interests in a very beautiful way, let it be sports or arts, community & service or any other extracurricular activities and student clubs. Students are able to experiment with what they might or might not be interested in, and students are welcomed to do that and even showcase or compete such skills by using all of school’s outstanding various state-of-the-art facilities without being diverted away from academic studies. Such reason is what I think makes Global Jaya distinct from the sea of schools in Jakarta. Thus, being in such environment, I felt very lucky to be able to call Global Jaya my second home.


MinKyu Min Kyu Jung – NYU Abu Dhabi (Full Scholarship)

My academic career in GJS was remarkable. Not only did I have an internationally renowned education, but I also had numerous support from the open-minded and intelligent individuals of GJS’s community. Among the many experiences I cherished in GJS, the best one is perhaps the chant practices I did for GJS sport festivals. These practices required a few hundred students to coordinate in singing and dancing for several hours. Although these practices were rigorous, it gave me a strong sense of community which remains within me to this day. There is no doubt that GJS was highly conducive to attaining a scholarship in NYUAD. If I had to choose one feature of GJS that impacted me the most, it would GJS’s constant effort to make international opportunities available to the students. Through GJS alone, I managed to attend a dozen conferences, such as the Harvard Model Congress Asia, that honed my skills in communication and writing and exposed me to a myriad of remarkable individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Narendra Narendra Martosudarmo - Colorado Boulder

I first attended Sekolah Global Jaya in 2007 and then I graduated from it in 2013. It is a place where I managed to meet many different people with diverse cultures and beliefs, and it is through my interactions with them that allow me to know more about the world. The interactions that I had with them also provided the social skills that I possess to overcome some of the social challenges that I have come across. The relationship that I had with the school’s academical challenges were almost always mixed. Some were very easy to be accomplished, while others were more demanding. At certain times, I needed some help from others to make sure I was on the right track. But in the end, they all helped me in getting around several other problems that possess certain similarities. Nevertheless, Sekolah Global Jaya has played a large role in my social and academic lives, and it will continue to do so.