Students are provided with a balanced and healthy diet from a reasonably priced menu.  Rigid, healthy safety measures are in place to ensure food is fresh and hygienically prepared and handled.
Vegetarians are catered for and every effort is made to meet other special needs. Canteen staff are happy to discuss special dietary requirements.
Menus are changed regularly and students have a choice of packet meals, ala carte and cafe sections.
A drinks section serves fresh juice, other beverages and a selection of snacks.
Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) machines have been installed at each counter to provide a more efficient sales process.

Kindergarten – Year 2 Students
The menu, price lists and pre-order forms are sent home with your child every Friday. Canteen staff deliver food/lunch to the classroom. Students will have lunch together with teachers in the classroom. Parents make a payment at the canteen office every Monday morning.

Year 3 – Year 12 Students

All students from Year 3 – Year 12 are required to register a canteen account. The minimum deposit is Rp 50,000. The minimum balance is Rp 50,000. The remaining balance will be shown on the monitor at every transaction. For environmental reasons, no paper receipt in available; however, a record of items purchased or individual students’ account is available to parents on request. Please contact our school Canteen Coordinator.
For Primary school students, parents will be notified immediately once the balance is below the minimum. For Secondary school students, the canteen service will stop once there is a zero or negative balance. It is the Secondary school students’ responsibility to monitor their balance.
Students, or an adult on their behalf, may top up the credit at the canteen office in the Administration building by presenting the student’s name and class or canteen swipe card. Please keep the receipt for your records. Swipe cards only keep a record of the student’s name and ID numbers, not how much has been deposited or how much is left in the account.

Method of Payment

Cashless System - Swipe card
Year 3 – Year 12 students use Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) to pay for their meals. They will register their name and receive a swipe card. The use of swipe card is to reduce service time.
Lost cards should be reported immediately to our school Canteen Coordinator. Rp 50,000 charge will be made for replacement of a lost card.

Cash System

There are no cash transactions at the canteen register. If parents wish to buy food with cash, after placing an order at the canteen, a voucher is purchased from the Canteen Cashier. Students are not permitted to use a cash payment.

Lunch Pre-order for Primary School Students
Primary school students may place their lunch order before 11.00 am and collect their lunch from the pre-order food collection counter.

Hours of Operation
The canteen register serves food and drinks from 8.30 am – 4.00 pm, Monday – Friday.
The canteen office is open from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Grievance Policy

If you have any suggestions or complaints about our school canteen, please put these in the suggestion box located at the canteen office or contact the school Canteen Coordinator via email. The Canteen Coordinator will be responsible for supervising the operation of the canteen and liaise between the school and the canteen provider.


Students can bring their own meals and drinks from their home to school. If a meal needs to be delivered to students, it must be left with the security personnel who will pass it on to the school secretaries, then students can collect it during break times. Security will not deliver food to students.
Deliveries of commercial food are not permitted. Please do not arrange deliveries of meals from commercial outlets. If a meal need to be delivered from home they will not be allowed passed security nor stored by security.
Cakes, etc. for birthdays or other celebrations are discouraged. A Principal must authorize any food deliveries before they are delivered to school.
Free filtered drinking water is provided at various sites around the school.